How many times have you said “I’m starting a diet TODAY”?  Have you spent hundreds of dollars on diets, books, weight control groups, creams and pills? Have you found yourself having trouble following a set menu?  Are you tired of counting calories yet?  Have you heard that its important to vary what you eat, but had no ideas what to try?  Are you curious about how many calories you are allowed to consume each day? or would you like to choose for yourself your calorie intake according to your weightloss goals?

All of this is possible with the use of Calorator on your iphone.  Calorator is a unique calorie calculator, with a friendly user interface, which allows you to forget about counting calories or sticking to a set menu.

You input what you ate into the program, and Calorator shows you immediately what you can still consume today in order to meet your health goals.

Save your money and enjoy the many benefits of Calorator:

–  manage a balanced daily menu easily and quickly

–  contains hundreds of common dietary choices of people following a middle eastern diet.

–  recommendations of substitutions in every food group

–  quick assesment of BMI

–  calculates your recommended daily calorie intake according to your personal information

–  visual presentation of the portion size in each meal

–  visual presentation of food groups

–  weight loss status at all times

–  ability to select favorite foods

–  allows adjustment of calorie consumption level

–  select your activity level

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