IDC 106.2FM Radio

106.2FM IDC Herzliya Radio

IDC Radio on 106.2 FM, is a college radio station operating under the educational stations of “Kol-Israel” Radio and broadcasting from the Sammy Ofer School of Communications studios at IDC Herzliya. The station is operated both by students and faculty from IDC Herzliya under the supervision of senior professionals from the communication industry. As part of their curriculum, students experience in all areas of radio broadcasting – producing, editing, broadcasting, and also attend to the technical and musical aspects.

The station operates as a non-profit organization, and without commercials.
Students’ innovation, creativity and originality alongside professionalism and emphasis on the values of IDC Herzliya, positions the IDC Radio as a leading outlet in the Israeli communication map.

IDC Radio focuses on talk programs, and includes students from the Raphael Recanati International School, and uniquely offers broadcasts in English as well as in Hebrew.
We aim at creating interesting, intelligent and fun contents up to external standards of quality. Our broadcasting schedule includes a wide variety of programs, such as: culture, current affairs, humor, academia, sports, music, entrepreneurship, society and Zionism.

The station’s musical scale ranges from popular to alternative with a focus on varied, quality programs appealing to a wide spectrum of age groups. We strive to discover the new and interesting in Israeli and International music while maintaining a unique and challenging as well as accessible and intriguing musical line.
Our radio facilities are cutting edge technology and include state of the art sound systems and broadcasting software as well as professional video and digital equipment. This infrastructure enables a video and audio high standard broadcasts simultaneously with the FM broadcasts in other media, including the Internet, cellular networks etc. The IDC radio studios won an architectural award for their innovative design.

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