GreenShpits @ WebSummit Dublin November 4th-6th 2014

Come and meet GreenShpits founders, and learn more about GreenHouse – launched at WebSummit Dublin November 4th-6th 2014

GreenShpits launches Greenhouse Mobile Technology Ventures, an international platform for private investors to tap into the Israeli entrepreneur talent pool.

GreenShpits Ltd., a mobile application development company based in Ra’anana, Israel, has launched Greenhouse Mobile Technology Ventures, a new program dedicated to help turn the mobile ideas of young entrepreneurs to successful businesses.

Greenhouse Mobile Technology Ventures offers selected entrepreneurs a partnership that will allow them to get their ideas developed at a minimal cost in return for equity in the mobile venture.

“We started developing mobile Apps when the first iPhones landed in Israel. Four years later and with over 100 Apps developed and launched, we understand what it takes for a mobile startup to succeed. “There are wonderful ideas out there,” says Joe Green, Co-Founder and COO of GreenShpits “but the risk is just too high.. Investors are looking for the established startups, ones that include an innovative idea, a charismatic entrepreneur, a solid business model, superb technological capability and proof of success. As a result many of the ideas do not get a chance.”

This is where Greenhouse Mobile Technology Ventures steps in. Green explains: “we decided the best way to bridge the gap is to share the risk with the investor. We contribute our business and technology expertise through an intensive 3 step process: First, work with the entrepreneur to develop a mobile strategy. Then we set our award winning programmers to the task of building top notch technology for latest operating system, and finally we put our marketing team on the case to create a plan for driving downloads and encouraging usage.
Only after we have what we believe to be a winning prototype, do we encourage and assist the entrepreneur to go out and seek external funding.

Today we are welcoming, for the first time, international investors to select any of these winning ventures and help us turn them from proven prototypes to successful businesses.”

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